TL;DR: What leadership is and what it’s not. The good and the bad.


Strong leadership is the greatest single factor in a team’s performance.

Being a good leader might not come with an official position, but it comes with responsibility for everything within the team. It means leading down and helping others, but also leading up and supporting their boss. A leader’s role is to provide direction and intent, fight battles nobody is even aware of and lead the change. Be the example everybody wants to follow, and not because they have to… That’s how good leadership looks like.

Lousy leadership in a gist.

Giving orders.

Holding all the power.

Comfy position and good salary.


Good leadership and what it means

The leader is truly and ultimately responsible for everything.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have these unusual people who don’t always have fancy titles, but they know what they’re doing. We can always count on them and challenge their decisions. If we ask questions, it means their message wasn’t clear enough, and it’s their job to fix it. They lead by example, and we follow their lead. We’ve got each other’s backs and we truly work as one team.

Supporting the team.

Taking full ownership and responsibility.

Leading up & down.

Asking questions and seeking for feedback.

Providing direction, not orders.

Building trust and space for honesty.


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Strong leadership is the greatest single factor in a team’s performance.

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