TL;DR: How not to hire software engineers. The ultimate guide.

Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash


The most common mistakes explained.

Reject all CVs that don’t look “pretty enough”.

Use bots to filter out CVs with/without specific keywords.

Only talk to people with science degrees, honours and titles.

Find people who code day and night and have no interest or hobbies.

Make sure you have at least five hiring stages.

Remember about having at least 4 people on each interview stage.

Don’t involve the team in the process, only managers.

Ask dumb and irrelevant questions.

Ask the candidate to do a 5-hours long homework.

Do a technical test with poorly written code.

Make sure they are Code Ninjas and Programming Gurus, at least.

Seek for conflictless and agreeable personalities.

Only hire people who never made mistakes and are flawless.

Don’t let them ask you any questions.

Offer lower salary than candidate asked for on the beginning.

Provide no feedback, or at least make it confusing.


Highly accomplished and results-oriented professional with background in leadership, software engineering, automotive, photography and design.