#shorts | Dealing with anxiety

“Today, I escaped my anxiety, or rather, I discarded it, for it is within me.” — Marcus Aurelius

Anxiety is a fear waiting to attach itself to something, eating and harming us from the inside and, in extreme situations, controlling us to a level where we lose things we will never be able to get back. I’m dealing with my own fears. Awareness, writing, meditations, walks and unpredictability of life help me to rewire my default responses into curiosity and excitement. Ultimately, we need all our emotions to function as human beings and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

“You cannot let fear become a thief. It will steal so many precious things and rob you of so many incredible moments.” — Susan Cain



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Andrew Winnicki

Software Engineering Changemaker. Driving digital transformation and sharing experiences and thoughts from my journey. 20 years and counting…