Notes to Myself: I developed Teacrastination!

Andrew Winnicki
3 min readOct 31, 2021


I’ve just realised that while I can say that I don’t procrastinate most of the time, and my TODO list works very well to keep me on track, I think I developed something that probably could be considered a form of procrastination–a Teacrastination!

How Teacrastination works?

When I reach a point in a day where I’m stuck, or maybe a bit bored with tasks in front of me, I decide it’s time to make myself another tea! I do it not because I’m thirsty but because I want a break. Usually, it’s not more than just five minutes, but it allows me to walk downstairs, prepare the hot beverage, take a short mental break, and return to my desk. It’s a guilt-free task delaying method that is also pleasurable as I love sipping warm tea while working. It also forces me sooner or later to visit a toilet and take another ultra-quick break (that’s what we call “side effects”).

Why is it important?

We all need breaks, and often we neglect them. I’ve heard so many stories from people I worked with that they forget to move from the front of the screens for hours, often missing their lunch too! I wanted to remind you that we are humans, not robots. Short breaks are like our internal quick “reset buttons” that will bring better performance and focus later.

We should do that regularly, especially when we are stuck, and often it will bring us a different perspective on a problem we are working on. Change of the environment helps to distance ourselves from narrow focus and helps us think about the challenge more holistically. That’s where the breakthrough usually comes from. I can’t count the times I came back from my short tea break with new ideas, better solutions and a smile on my face.

Take short breaks!

They don’t have to be tea-breaks.
Don’t think you don’t need them.
They are never a waste of time.
You shouldn’t feel guilty.
It will help you to be better at what you do!

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