Let’s have a coffee and be awkward together — 10K Coffees

An introvert on a journey outside of his comfort zone with the ultimate goal to meet amazing people, learn more about the world and enjoy tasty tea or coffee in a good company.

What is 10K Coffees?

It’s a 45 minutes meeting between you and me in a coffee shop, which is an opportunity for us to meet someone new, learn their story and enjoy a hot beverage in good company. No hidden agenda, no expectations, no drama. Let’s chat.

We can talk about our work, projects, hobbies, challenges… and if you don’t feel comfortable, we can even talk about the weather, but that would be a little bit of wasted opportunity, right?

In case you were wondering about 10K in the name, that’s how many people I would like to meet throughout this journey 🙂

About Me

My name is Andrew Winnicki, and I was born in Poland, where I lived for the first 25 years. Last 15 years I spent in the UK near London, and I do like the weather here.

Working within software engineering for the last 20 years, leading teams for over 10, freelance automotive photographer on top of that. I am currently co-authoring a book, “Creating Success”, and started writing my own about leadership in software engineering. I do also post quite a bit on Medium.

I wake up every day at 6AM, read a lot of books, fast every Monday, and enjoy 8km of walks every day while I’m listing to another podcast. A massive car enthusiast (had 25 in the last 15 years) and regular track days visitor.

Things I don’t like: watching TV, small talk, alcohol, onions, people without passion, smoking, fireworks, slow computers…

… I tried to keep it short 🙂


Date & Time: Pick & Choose
I have created calendar placeholders until the end of the year, so pick the day and time that works for you best.

Location: To Be Confirmed
In the first 3 months, I’m planning to focus on Central London, but later, I would like to add other locations too, not only in the UK.

Why 10K Coffees?

Although I’m an introvert, I do enjoy meeting people and learning their stories. It was easier when there was more travel opportunity and office work. These days, everything is remote, and I’m a bit tired with all this Zoom communication. I want to sit down face to face with someone and just enjoy the moment.

That’s how 10k Coffees came to life!
ps. I don’t drink coffee, but I do love tea!

By the way, I did some math…

Initially, I thought to meet every 2 weeks, and on average 6 persons. At this rate, I would need to organise about 1650 meetings. I should be capable of doing 25 each year. That all means I will need to live roughly another 70 years to complete it!

Let’s say I’ve got a challenge ahead of me! Someone suggested changing it to 1K Coffees, but come on, where is the challenge in that?!

Highly accomplished and results-oriented professional with background in leadership, software engineering, automotive, photography and design.